Strong showing for Neuroscience at the Bell Museum!

Even with the Gophers defending their unbeaten status against Penn State on the other campus, the Bell Museum in St Paul was full of visitors who were curious about Neuroscience. THANK YOU to Scott Blain (PhD Candidate, Psychology), Maria Linn Evans (PhD Candidate, Neuroscience), Michael-Paul Schallmo (Assistant Professor, Psychiatry) and Nicola Grissom (Assistant Professor, Psychology) for providing brief presentations on personality, motor control, the interactions of mental health with vision, and autism. Each talk was wonderfully engaging and provoked many questions from the audiences. 

We had a strong showing of GPN Graduate Students + friends for showing off Brain Zoo, the Claw and Spiker Boxes: Mari G., Dan L., Joe E., Jessica F., Emily S., Kelly C., Sam K., Julianna G., Haleigh M., Bethany S., Sam M., Chloe C., and Melissa A. spent hours describing comparative anatomy and EMGs to countless little kids, grandparents, and everyone in between.

Meanwhile, Growing Brains, from the Institute of Child Development, showed off real human brains and taught families about brain plasticity. Representing MN Drive, Colum MacKinnon's lab showed people how to use TMS to measure how long signals take to get from your brain to your arm, and Tim Ebner's lab showed off SeeShell. 

Thank you, Bell Museum, for welcoming us all into your space, feeding us, and providing such a great venue for conversations about Neuroscience!

Neuroscience at the Bell Museum

Brain Zoo at the Bell Museum